After being named Director of the Early Childhood Connection Program at the Las Vegas Urban League in February, Emily Buckles had a simple goal.

“My goal is to collaborate and communicate with more community services available to families within the city,” Buckles, who has been with the Urban League for 10 years, said. “We want to be able to refer clients to other resources and to educate them on the Family, Friends and Neighbor program.”

The Early Childhood Connection Program provides partial monetary assistance to families in need of childcare who otherwise couldn’t afford to pay for someone to take care of their children. This program also offers a Family, Friend and Neighbor registration program for parents who qualify based on
income that allows a family to register a family member, friend or neighbor to supervise their child or children.

According to Buckles, the Urban League has 3,872 families in the Early Childhood Connection Program as of December 2020. Her goal is to grow the program throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

Besides providing monetary assistance, the program actively connects families with additional community services to include Welfare services, food, clothing, infant supplies and much more.

The Las Vegas Urban League is a 501c (3) program funded by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Division of Public Health.

For more information call: 702-473-9400, located at 2470 N. Decatur Blvd., Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV, or for general questions email: